13 January 2022


AGENDA (to download)

1.          Apologies and Reasons for Absence

2.          Declarations of Interest & Code of Conduct

          2.1          To Receive Member’s Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

          2.2          To Receive Updates to Members’ Register of Interests

3.          Minutes from Previous Meetings

          3.1          Acceptance and signing of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4 November 2021

          3.2          Matters Arising from the Minutes

                              Queen’s Jubilee (Big Jubilee Lunch) – 5 June 2022

                              CDC Community Governance Review

                              Transport to School and Footway for Kingshill Lane 

4.          To Receive Reports from County and District Councillors – Cllr Lisa Spivey and Cllr Mike Evemy

5.          Police – PCSO Beverley Rowe and PCSO Sue Fellows

6.          To Receive Questions and Comments from the Public

7.          To Receive Chairman’s Report – Cllr Mrs J Tomblin

8.          Playing Field

                    Verbal Report – Cllr Mrs Elson

                    Update re Lease – Email from Strutt & Parker

9.          Village Hall 

                    Minutes from the Committee Meeting held on 8 November 2021

                    Verbal Report from Trustees

10.          Village Affairs

                    Update From Gridserve - Cirencester Solar Farm

                    Community Speed Watch

11.          Finance

          11.1          To Receive Bank Reconciliation and Budget Status up to 31 December 2021

         11.2          To Approve Bills for Payment:   Attached Schedule                              

          11.3          Election Charges – Email from Cllr J Harris (CDC) and Recharge Estimates

          11.4          To Consider the Draft Budget 2022 - 2023

          11.5          To Agree the Precept for 2022 - 2023

12.          Planning

          12.1          New Planning Applications 

          21/04664/PLP  Ivor Webb And Sons Garage Cherry Tree Lane Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5DT

Permission in Principle for between 4 No and 5 No dwellings (following planning permission ref: 21/00950/FUL for the conversion of the existing buildings to 5 No dwellings)

          21/04689/FUL  6 Preston Leigh Siddington Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 6GE

Additional windows to side elevations and enlargement and change of style of french doors to rear elevation

          21/04757/FUL. Land Parcel East Of Witpit Lane Preston Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5PW

Variation of conditions 1 (plans), 4 (landscape plan), 6 (habitat management plan), 8 (arboriculture statement), 10 (drainage strategy), 11 (working hours) and 14 (traffic management) re permission 20/02034/FUL - Variation of condition 2 (drawings) of permission 15/01923/FUL - Proposed development of solar photovoltaic modules including access, temporary construction compound; single and double inverter platforms; transfer station; collecting station; security fencing; CCTV cameras and poles; landscaping; and associated works and infrastructure including underground cable along London Road verge and Witpit Lane verge and related equipment to allow connection to the electricity distribution network, to change the inverter type, internal access arrangements, solar photovoltaic module and associated substructure specification, and dimensions of the transfer station (DNO substation) and collecting station (Customer substation)

          12.2          Planning Applications Responded to Since Last Meeting 

21/02393/FUL    Land Adjacent To Preston Mill South Cerney Road Cirencester Siddington GL7 6ET

Height of boundary walls increased to 2.0m, erection of side and rear extensions, glass balustrade added to flat roof, black metal flue added, front door changed, garage alterations to include addition of external stair, addition of first floor door, addition of dormer windows, addition of garage doors and addition of windows on West elevation

The Parish Council objects to this application as the details are inaccurate and confusing.

Neither the drawing of the existing garage nor the proposed garage shows the two window openings.  The Parish Council feels that these windows should be addressed as they overlook the neighbouring property and have not been included in planning applications at any stage of the development of this site.  Unless addressed these will remain as a fait au compli.

The Parish Council has no objections to raising the height of the wall to 2m.  However, the original application for this house referred to raising the height of the existing dry-stone wall.     This wall was taken down and replaced by a stone wall with mortar bonding and a concrete block wall as backing.   Therefore, if approval is given to raise the height of the wall to 2.0m then approval is also given to the existing construction which is not a dry-stone wall.  This needs to be clarified.

Awaiting Decision

12.3          Planning Applications Responded To and Awaiting Decision

          21/02702/OUT   The Old Pump House South Cerney Road Siddington Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 6ET

Outline application for the erection of two storey dwelling house with all matters reserved except access.  Awaiting Decision.

          21/01532/FUL   Norcote Grange Norcote Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5RJ  Change of use of former stables to tourist accommodation together with associated ancillary works including creation of new access from private drive.  Awaiting Decision

          21/03825/FUL   Beechnut Cottage Preston Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5PR

Erection of garage/garden store and associated works.  Awaiting Decision

          21/03907/LBC  Old Farm House Preston Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5PR

Replace existing wooden casement single glazed windows with double glazed, wooden casement windows.  Awaiting Decision

          12.4          Decision Notices

          21/04018/TCONR    Village Farmhouse 78 Preston Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5PR

Lawson Cypress Tree – Fell   No Objections 11 November 2021

          12.5          Planning Correspondence & Other Matters

                    CDC Email from Cllr J Layton -  Meeting re Wychwood

          12.6          Plus Any Urgent Planning Items Received since Publication of the Agenda

13.          Correspondence

          Cirencester Neighbourhood Plan – Winter Engagement

          Plus Any Urgent Items Received since Publication of the Agenda

14.          Any Other Business

Please Note:  Decisions cannot be taken under this item.  It is an opportunity for Members to bring issues to the Council’s attention or items for future meetings.

15.          Date and Time of Next Meeting

          Thursday, 3 March 2022