25 February 2021



1.          Apologies and Reasons for Absence

2.          Declarations of Interest & Code of Conduct

                    2.1          To Receive Member’s Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

                      2.2          To Receive Updates to Members’ Register of Interests

3.          Minutes from Previous Meetings

                      3.1          Acceptance and signing of the Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council                                         Meeting held on 18 February 2021

                        3.2          Matters Arising from the Minutes

4.          To Receive Feedback from Meeting with CDC and consider the Way Forward for the                       Neighbourhood Development Plan

5.          Any Other Business

            Please Note:  Decisions cannot be taken under this item.  It is an opportunity for Members to                     bring issues to the Council’s attention or items for future meetings.

6.          Date and Time of Next Scheduled Meeting

              Thursday, 4 March 2021